Regulations and commitments of BC Family Tour service

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Thank you for using the services of BC Family Tour. You can know more about us at:

By using our services, you are agreeing to these regulations. Please read the regulations carefully. The services provided by BC Family Tour essentially follow these rules.

As our services are diverse, additional terms or product requirements (including age requirements) may sometimes be applied. Additional terms go with related services and these terms will be a part of of your agreement with us if you use those services.

We understand that security and privacy are very important to you and we always try our best to make it better. We will not reveal any of your information you provide while using our service without your acceptance.

(These regulations were updated and applied from 10/15/2013)

- Cost of service will be calculated by Viet Nam currency: VND (Viet Nam – VND). Payment made by USD or other foreign currencies will be converted into VND with the exchange rate defined by Vietcombank at the time of payment.

Only service explicitly listed in the “including part” of program are paid by BC. BC Family Tour has no obligation to pay any additional costs not included here.

To ensure the quality of the service, BC has terms to regulate how long you can hold your place when booking and confirmed by BC.

-         Booking 10 days or more before using service: You can hold your place one day

-         Booking 6 – 9 days before using service: You can hold your place for 6 hours

-         Booking less than 1 – 5 days before using service: Though it’s quite a short time, BC Family Tour can provide you with qualitative service. In that case, placeholder effect in 3 hours or we will inform you how long you can hold your place which varies in diffirent specific cases.

-         To ensure the quality of our service, we suggest that you should not book before less than one day.

Your placeholder service request will be automatically cancelled.

Means of payment:

  1. 1. In cash: Payment are made at BC Family Tour office

Please contact us and make an appointment before coming to BC Family Tour office so that we can serve you well

  1. 2. Bank transfer

-         Account holder: Lê Xuân Lương

-         Account number: 0021000236934

-         Bank: Vietcombank – Ha Noi

-         Please put down your name, phone number, type of service and departure date when making this type of payment

-         After complete bank transfer payment, please send your scanned spending authorization/ transfer notice/ ATM receipt to BC Family Tour email address: and contact hotline 0968 157 687 / 0902 217 998 to confirm your payment .

-         Incase you want to pay deposit to hold a place, please pay from 50 % to > 100 % of the fees.

-         The payment is considered to be completed if BC Family Tour receives 100% of the fees within length of time:

+ Indigneous services: Payment needs to be made 9 days before using service in week-day and 15 days before using service in holiday, weekend or festival day.

+ Services performed outside Vietnam: Before using the service at least 30 days .

+ Also, you can view specific payment terms in the detailed schedule of each service for special program.

  1. BC Family Tour’s cancellation:

If BC Family Tour can not perform service due to insufficient number of people or the safety of customers, BC Family Tour must notify customers immediately and repay full amount of money paid by customers in cash or by bank transfer within 3 days of the notification.

  1. Customer’s cancellation:

Any changes / adjustments related to the booked service are considered as service cancellation and customers must place a new service instead.

Cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:

-         10 days before departure: repay 80 % of the budget

-         08 days before departure: repay 50 % of the budget

-         05 days before departure : repay 25 % of the budget

-         Before less than 05 days: 0% of the budget

In case of cancellation without prior notice or delay after cancellation , you will be fined 100 % of the funds .

Notice: To receive the reimbursement after canceling the service in time please contact us within 03 days

  1. Force majeure

If the service is canceled or changed by either of two parties for the reason of force majeure ( fire, weather , accidents , natural disasters , war ... ), the two parties will neither be under any obligation to reimburse any loss nor bear any legal responsibility. However, the two parties are obliged to try it’s best to help the damaged party minimize loss caused by force majeure

- Children under 5 years old: Free tickets (eating, sleeping with their parents). Every two adults can bring only one child with them accepted to given free ticket. If you want to bring more, you have to pay 50% of the adult fare for each more child.

- Children at the age of 5 to 11: 50% adult fare (eating, sleeping with their parents)

For every two adults, only only one child at the age of 5 to 10 accepted. The second will be charged 75% of adult fare.

- Children older than 11: Buy adult fare

- air, trains , public transport tickets and services of other units: Ticket price are fixed by these unit.

Special requirements must be reported to BC Family Tour at the time of you registration. BC Family Tour will attempt to meet these requirements but BC Family Tour will not responsible for any refusal to provide services from transporter, hotels, restaurants and service providers or other independent services providers.

Accommodation facilities of BC Family Tour includes:

-         Hotel: Hotel rooms will be single bed , two single beds or a double bed ... depending on the structure of the hotel room

-         House on stilt/ Homestay (sleep at local house): provided on the basis of collective use , single room , double room ( if any)

-         Time to check in at the hotel is after 14:00 and check-out must be in accordance with the provisions of the hotel: before 12:00

-         Accommodation level of BC Family Tour is in accordance with the fare chosen by customers at registration. If there is any change, the standard of subtituted accomodation will be the same as original accomodation and that will be reported to customers before departure.

-         If customers notify BC Family Tour about their special requirements, BC will try to meet these requirements depending on the ablility of BC to provide accomodations and customers must pay more if their requirements are met by BC

-         Meals are standardized. The standards of meal of BC Family Tour denpend on the price of fare customers choose at time of registration.

-         Meals have available menu, change seasonally, and meet the hygiene quality of safety food. If you have special requirements, please notify BC about that. BC Family Tour would try to meet your requirements depending on the ability of restaurant. If accomodations are not able to meet your need, BC Family Tour

Means of transport depending on each tour program .

-         Program with car transport: 7 , 16 , 29 or 45 seats car will be arranged by BC Family Tour. Type of car will be chosen according to number of visitors and serving throughout the program .

-         Program with train, air or public transport: If customers want to get transport ticket through BC, BC Family Tour will apply the original price of the transport company. In some programs, the transport unit can change the departure time without notice, BC Family Tour will notify you the changes in time.

-         BC Family Tour will not be responsible of reimbursement and liability for physical and mental damage caused by delayed depature of public transport or delay caused by customers.

- Compact Luggage: With programs using air services , free baggage fee will be provided by the airline regulations .

- BC Family Tour is not responsible for the loss or damage of luggage or of any other outfit during the trip. Customer must look after their own baggage. If customer’s luggage get lost or strayed, BC Tour will help customer communicate and report to relevant departments to trace the lost luggage. The compensation for lost or strayed luggage are regulated by the service providers or the insurance company.

-         The service fee has inculded insurance in which the highest level of compensation is 10.000.000d/Vietnamese customer (domestic customer) or up to customer’s requirement if customer wish to purchase insurance with higher levels of compensation.

-         The compensation will be covered by the insurance unit and will comply with the provisions of the insurance company.

-         BC Family Tour will not be responsible to buy insurance if customer register after BC has close the list of member of the group.

-         Before registration, please read over the program, travel fare and which is included and not included in the service.

-         Customer can register and make payment on his own or through his representative at BC Family Tour office or by bank transfer. BC Family Tour takes the responsibility to provide customer or his representative with information about the trip. BC Tour does not accept any liability in case representatives do not provide or provide incorrect information for your trip.

  1. 1.BC Family Tour’s liabilities and commitments

-         Make sure all services are performed in accordance with the program

-         Secure customer information

-         Inform customer with necessary information and regulation related to the service

-         Customers are advised to learn more about the flexibility of the trip before making reservation. For example, means of transport can be changed without notification due to condition of the localcountry. In these case, BC Family Tour can change: itinerary, rearrange the order of sights… or cancel the trip at any time if it is necessary for the convenience or safety of customers. Tour cancellation will be notified by BC Family Tour as soon as possible. Time to notify customer denped on type of tour and the schedule. Also, roadmap change or order of sights rearrangement will be notifed.

-         When BC Family Tour organized trips for the agency / company or organization, BC Family Tour is not liable for injury, loss , delay ... which affect this 3rd party. BC Family Tour is not responsible for any law violations at local area or at host country. Employeesor partners of BC Family Tour are not allowed to support these violation activities.

-        BC will send customer invoice if required within 07 days after the end of tour. In this case, please pay 10% VAT additionally. If customer needs invoice, please pay all the incurred cost of bill delivery within two day after the tour ends.

-         All timelines in this regulation are included in working days ( except for public holidays and saturday and Sunday ).

  1. 2.Customer’s liabilities and commitments

-         If you have confirmed your service booking, it means that you have read and understood as follows: “I have fun and life experiences while travelling and I am willing to accept the risk I may encounter during the tour. Espencially for exploring / adventure tour in which standards of safety , hygiene , health , communications and infrastructure are not the same as those at home or on honeymoon trip . "

-         Complete payment on time

-         During the tour, client must follow the program of BC Family Tour. Client are not allowed to leave group. If he want any change, he must notify the tour guide or representative of BC Family Tour.

-         Take your own available identity documents such as identity card (for Viet Nam citizens), passport (for foreigners), Birth Certificate (for children and paper of Attorney right of the child’s parent if his parents do not go with him). Particularly, oversea Vietnamese customers must bring Visa and Viet Nam entry certificate if they use Passport or Green Card.

  1. 3. All dispute rising on the process of the service will be resolved on the negotiation basis between two sides. If dispute can not be resolved by negotiation, it will be solved by court in accordance with rules of current law. The losing party will pay all of the related cost.



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