Train from Hanoi to Nanning (China)

A lot of travelers in northern Vietnam are crossing the borders on the north to China. If you are already in Vietnam it is the good idea to see also China. One of the biggest stops in southern China is Nanning city. Nanning is not so far from Hanoi, it is only about 450 km. It is a big and modern city with about 8 million inhabitants. It is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The quickest way how to get to Nanning from Hanoi is to by a flight. But for some travelers it could be very expensive, so there is also another option – by a train. When you will be travelling by train to Nanning, you cross the border in Dong Dang town in Lang Son.

Facts and Tips:

- Interesting experience is to travel by train in Vietnam and China (you will see beautiful landscapes)
- A cheap option how to get from Hanoi to Nanning
travel by train from Hanoi to Nanning takes about 12 hours

- There is 1 train every day in 21:20 of China Railway MR1/T8702 from Hanoi to Nanning

- Trains in Vietnam are comfortable and renowated, you can buy snack + foods

- You should show up at train station at least 45 min – 1 hour before

- Do not forget to bring the Voucher/tickets

- Contact our hotline number in any emergency cases